Trade Show Displays and Exhibits

Your trade show display is like a satellite office when you are at a trade show. Here you have a chance to make new contacts, meet new prospects, reconnect with current clients and present your products and services to a general audience. There are many factors that can translate into a successful trade show experience and one of the most important factors is having a trade show display that invites visitors and gets noticed.

Trade show displays should have the company’s name and logo front and center; no one is likely to visit your trade show booth if they don’t know who you are. Your current clients will recognize you and drop by and prospective clients will become familiar with your name. But trade show displays should not only focus on name recognition. Highlighting your products and services on your trade show display is also a good idea so that passersby can quickly see what it is you do.

Well organized trade show booths with eye catching displays and banner stands invite visitors to learn more. And don’t forget to complete your trade show booth with literature racks and portable tables. Your company’s commitment to quality should be reflected in your trade show booth.

Don’t feel like investing in your own booth right now? On The Mark offers a trade show display rental package. We have an eight-foot pop-up display that is currently available for rent so you can try it out to see what is best for your company. We also give you the option to buy if you decide you would like to purchase your trade show display rental. This is a great way to go if you find a pop-up display you like and decide to use it for multiple trade shows. We take pride in helping you with your tradeshow needs.

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