Our Scitex Dolev 200 and years of hands-on experience mean we can offer our customers the best prepress services in Manassas. Scitex image setter is recognized the world-over as setting the standard in high quality film output. Line screens up to 625 lpi and film sizes as large as 14″x19″. Advanced features such as Scitex Full Auto Frames trapping will make your printer happy, and your images will “jump” off the page!

Normal turnaround time is 24 hours assuming that a completed work order form with all fonts, linked graphics and hard copy proof are provided. On The Mark will attempt to resolve any problems that may occur and contact the client with our diagnosis. Time and materials will be the responsibility of the client. You can transfer your files via e-mail or send directly to our on-site FTP server, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience (call or email for ftp information). We support the Adobe type library and a few others. We try to keep our type library up to date but with so many type manufacturers coming in to play, we can only justify full support for Adobe. We do support TrueType but recommend Type 1 fonts mainly due to quality concerns. Not all TrueType fonts are of low quality, especially when purchased from a respectable type maker, but beware of the bargain basement TrueTypes. They can ruin your project at the last second! The money saved in buying inexpensive fonts will be more than offset in output headaches.

We will make every effort possible to image your file. However, if after 30 minutes your file won’t print, we will stop working on it unless the “Needs Work” box on the work order form has been checked. The hourly rate is $75 (This is not how we earn our money so call us if you have any questions with setting up your documents. We will gladly give tips & suggestions).

Any service bureau can scan your artwork but at On The Mark, we scan your transparent or reflective materials at sizes up to 12″ x 18″ at resolutions up to 5260 dpi on our Creo┬« iQsmart scanner providing our clients the highest quality while maintaining competetive prices. We can save your scan on disk (TIFF is our default for outgoing files), or provide random separations. Scans are color corrected on-the-fly using our customized Scitex Color Lookup Tables at no extra charge. Highlight, shadow and mid points are automatically set, adding quality to even the most troublesome original artwork. Our Scitex┬« scanning system produces color corrected, high resolution images that are so sharp they seem to jump off the page. Remember, a poorly scanned image can spoil even the best printing job!

We also offer accurate 4 color digital proofs of your jobs, before going to film.