On The Mark, LLC

On The Mark, Inc. is the life long dream of mine (Mark Starnes, owner). It was originally started as an offset print shop in the basement of my home in 1990. At that point in time I provided typesetting and outputting services to an imagesetter for film negatives. It wasn’t long before the offset powder that was stuck in my hair finally got to me and I shifted my focus to the film side of the business. I decided to mortgage my house and invest in some high end Scitex pre-press gear and it was “off to the races”, as they say.

During this transition period (around 1994) is when I met my current production manager (and soon to be friend), Rob MacDonald. He showed up for an interview wearing a coat and tie and carrying his art portfolio in hand. I told him he was hired on the spot, appreciated the effort, and to excuse the ripped up t-shirt and shorts that I was working in (which was kinda my dress code back in the day).

After a few years of pre-press only services we thought it would be cool to add a large format inkjet printer to play around with. Well, one printer became two, became…  We then had a need to laminate and mount the prints so we added a laminator machine. Before we knew it On The Mark became a wide format print shop. Through the years we have added a 126″ wide solvent banner device, a UV curable flatbed printer and a CNC router with the i-Cut option for die cutting.

Our most recent equipment addition almost takes us full circle back to our offset print days. The difference is, this time it’s digital, which is now right up our alley. After years of messing with pre-press file manipulation it seems like a great fit!

We here at On The Mark look forward to earning your business and building a long lasting business relationship with you.